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He loved the arts from the very beginning


Johan has been living with different kind of art since he was a little child. Theatre, concerts and so on. Early he got a piano and help getting lessons. He started to play simple melodies. One thing he remember from that early years is that he played his parents Beatles records (LP) on their turntable. About 5 years old, sitting in the couch holding the LP-sleeve while listening to the songs. "Nowhere man" was a favorite. 

The piano was the startup instrument for Johan, later on the guitar captured his interest. When he started to write his own songs he preferred to write while playing the guitar. "From the very beginning, I have had much support, buying instruments and developing my music in different ways.", Johan says.


"The best and greatest feeling when I listen to a song is when it can communicate with you from the start. I am trying to write songs that people can relate to and it is important for me that you really feeling something when you listen to my music and lyrics." - Johan Bylin

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